What To Store In A Freezer Door

Sometimes we just dump everything together in the freezer thinking that it will do its job anyway. But we can actually optimize its performance and maximize storage space with some rearrangement. Today, let's talk about organizing our freezers, like which foods should stay at the bottommost to the topmost part. We put together a guide to help you figure out what to store in a freezer door.

Since the freezer door is the warmest spot inside your freezer and the temperature here fluctuates due to the opening and closing of the door, it's best to put the food items you frequently use or aren't sensitive to temperature fluctuations. You can store your flour, bread, butter, nuts, whole grains, ingredients you use for your smoothies, and even your stock of booze in this section. It's also great for storing your ice packs since they aren't affected by varying temperatures.

Hang on because we'll discuss the best way to organize your freezer from the door to the bottom. We'll give you tips on how to maximize the space inside your freezer and the best way to preserve different food products. Let's make the most of this frozen compartment!


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How do I organize my freezer door?

The freezer has varying levels of coldness inside. Yes, you read that correctly. So those of us who once thought that we can just toss everything inside the freezer, well, we can definitely learn a lot today.

In general, the coldest spot in our freezers is the bottom or rear part. Remember, cold air sinks while hot air rises. That's why the temperature gets warmer at the top of the freezer. The warmest part of the freezer is right by its door.  It is also exposed to hot air each time you open your freezer that's why the temperature here keeps on fluctuating.

You have to keep this in mind when deciding which food products should go at the freezer door. It is not the right place to store your pints of ice cream because their quality will deteriorate with the varying temperatures. They will melt and then refreeze until you find that they're no good to eat.

You'll need these organizing tips if you can't wait to tidy up and arrange the items that can be best stored at the freezer door:

Use Airtight Food Containers

Your solid or liquid smoothie ingredients, nuts, bread, flour and whole grains do not require constant freezing temperatures. They can be stored and neatly arranged in your freezer door as long as you place them in airtight canisters, which come in various sizes. Aside from being BPA-free and freezer safe, these containers you can get from Amazon are also stackable, super sturdy and will fit in your freezer door shelves or bins.

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If you want a space saver for your nuts and whole grains, you might as well go for these baggies. You can ensure that your food items are tightly sealed and will retain their good quality in these mason jar-shaped bags despite the temperature fluctuations on your freezer door.

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Use Narrow Freezer Bin with Handles

Organize your bread, butter, booze, ice packs and other items you frequently use in narrow stackable bins with handles. You can put one or more of these plastic bins on your freezer door shelves depending of course on the size of your freezer. They are so handy—you can take them out anytime you need to rearrange or serve your goodies.

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Choose Thin Cold Ice Freezer Packs

Ice packs are perfect to use inside your coolers to keep your drinks cold when you're out for a picnic with the whole family. While it's also a great idea to store your ice packs by the freezer door, choosing slim or thin packs is convenient and will save space as you can easily stack them in your narrow freezer bins.

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What food goes where in a freezer?

There's science behind our freezer organization project. This is in line with the conventional knowledge that hot air rises while cold air sinks. This is due to convection currents that are created inside the freezer. Because of this, we now understand why the bottom part of the freezer is the coldest, and the temperature increases as you go higher up the compartment.

This is the basis for the general guidelines that we read about when stocking up our freezer. Usually, the meats, poultry, and fish are stored at the lowest part, the vegetables and soups are placed at the midsection, while baked goods, frozen fruits, and prepped freezer meals occupy the top layer. To put it another way, experts suggest that you keep your proteins down where it's chilly and your produce up to keep them cool.

Be advised also that it's best not to fill your freezer to the brim. It should be around 75% to 80% full to still allow air to circulate properly.

How can I organize my freezer without shelves?

Are you tired of digging through your deep freezer looking for the sausages that you've put in there that your kid really wants for dinner? It's time to put some orders in your freezer. We've searched the web for inspiration on the best way to do this and here are some helpful tips that we've got for you:

  • Create compartments by using wooden planks or repurposing old metal wires. These will serve as your dividers.
  • Store your frozen items in different containers. Classify the foods in there in a way that works for you. For example, you can put your raw meats together in one container, processed meats in another, and your fruits and veggies in a separate container.
  • Make it a habit to put your foods in freezer bags and then flatten their surface so that they won't take up too much space inside the freezer. They're also easier to organize this way and you'll have more space for your frozen goods.
  • Invest in stackable food containers. It's best to keep them in a vertical position so that you'll have no trouble locating the items you need.
  • Always label the stuff that you store inside your freezer so that you won't be wondering what's inside the container.
  • Make an inventory of your frozen foods. This will help you keep track of what you've got inside and plan your meals accordingly.

These are just some of the freezer organization ideas that we think will be of much help when sorting out your deep freezer. Of course, you can always resort to other ways. Just choose which one will work best for you.

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How do I organize my side-by-side freezer?

Side-by-side freezers have always been challenging to organize because of their narrow space. But you can still optimize this compartment with some storage solutions and organization. Here are some tips that we've gathered from different home organizing websites.

Use container bins

These are nifty storage baskets that will help you a lot in organizing your freezer. You can put small items together so you won't have a hard time looking for them. Use separate bins for your meats, fruits and vegetables, and cooked foods that you've stuffed inside freezer bags.

Assign a spot

Using your knowledge of the varying levels of coldness inside your freezer, you can designate specific spots for particular food items. Aside from preserving their shelf life, it also removes confusion next time you go searching for your frozen food items. You also know immediately where to put incoming food inside the freezer.

Keep an Inventory

Make an inventory of your frozen stock. Always check this so that you can plan what to cook for dinner. This will also help you declutter your freezer. Discard stuff that you've forgotten to use or don't even recognize anymore. It will clear some space in your freezer which you can make better use of.

Consume what's in your freezer

Members of your household probably keep opening the door of your side-by-side freezer and the temperature's bound to fluctuate. This will affect the quality of your frozen goods so make sure that you consume what you've stored in there within 2 months to still enjoy them in their best condition. You can then replenish your stocks.

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Final Thoughts

Organizing your freezer can be fun! It'll help you optimize its performance and maximize the freezing space. Achieve your freezer goals by making sure that everything is where it should be. A simple rule to follow is to keep your meats at the coldest spot while putting your produce and frequently used items right by the door. This way, you can preserve the quality of your frozen foods for a long time.

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