How To Put A Freezer Drawer Back In [Inc. For Specific Brands]

You may have Googled how to remove the drawer in your freezer to thoroughly clean it, but do you have any idea how to put it back in? For your convenience, we have done the research to provide you with a step-by-step guide on how to replace freezer drawers.

The steps to replace the freezer drawer include the following:

  1. Extend the freezer rails.
  2. Install the freezer drawer correctly onto all four rail tabs.
  3. Fully engage the hooks into the rail tabs to set the drawer properly.
  4. Lock the drawer into place.
  5. Test the drawer by opening and closing it.

Now you basically have an idea on how to put a freezer drawer back in, but many of you might still be confused about the details. Continue reading as we elaborate on each step for you. We'll also discuss the specific how-tos for Samsung, Whirlpool, and Frigidaire freezers.


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Putting A freezer Drawer Back In

Before you begin, unplug your fridge from the wall outlet to save electricity and to ensure safety. When opening and closing the freezer, make sure to keep your hands and feet away from the bottom of the freezer drawer to avoid pinch points.

Also, make sure that you have the tools needed to do the task. You'll need a small Phillips head screwdriver. A pair of gloves may also be used for safety. Do not lift or carry the drawer by the handle, as this may cause damage to the drawer or handle.

Once you're ready, follow these five steps below to return your freezer drawer to its original position:

Open clean fridge freezer container with ice cubes

1. Extend The Freezer Rails

Freezer rails are the steel bars located on the left and right sides of the freezer. Pull them outward into their full length in order to properly place the other parts.

2. Install The Freezer Drawer Onto All Four Rail Tabs

The freezer drawer has to be seated correctly on the rail tabs. Freezer rails, when fully extended, have rail tabs in them. The rail tabs can be located on the left and right sides of the freezer.

Two rail tabs are located in the left part, one in the front and the other at the back. The other two are located on the right side of the freezer, whereas one is in front and the other one at the back.

3. Fully Engage The Hooks Into The Rail Tabs

Take the freezer drawer with both hands on each end. Freezer drawers have hooks, two on the right and two on the left, so be sure to align the hooks properly with the rail tabs. When it is properly aligned, engage the hooks properly into the rail tabs.

4. Lock The Drawer Into Place

After engaging the rail tabs and the hooks, make sure to lock them in place to avoid detachment (which might cause a problem when you open and close the freezer drawer). Lock them using a single head Phillips screw on the outside of each rail.

5. Test The Drawer By Opening And Closing It

As you open and close your freezer drawer, it should now move smoothly.

Note that the aforementioned steps may be applied to the freezer drawers of LG French Door Refrigerators.

How To Put A Drawer Back In A Samsung Freezer

Watch the video above and refer to this step-by-step procedure below on how to put a freezer drawer back in a Samsung Freezer:

  1. To reinstall the freezer drawer slide rail, insert the gear end first and then push it until it locks in place.
  2. Next, fully extend the freezer drawer slide rails.
  3. Take the end of the gear shaft with the hole in it, and insert it into the right side. Then, align and insert the left side.
  4. Now, reinstall the retaining pin.
  5. Next, reinstall the freezer door by aligning the tabs on the door brackets with the slots on the freezer glides, and set them in place.
  6. Now, remount the 10 millimeter bolts, 2 on each side of the drawer.
  7. Replace the freezer box tray by inserting the back first before tilting the front forward into the slot, and then setting it in place.
  8. Next, put the upper freezer tray back in by tilting in the rear and setting it down onto the freezer box tray. Now push it to the rear and then pull it forward to make sure the wheels are locked in place.

Note that these steps are applicable to all freezer drawer-type Samsung Refrigerators.

How To Put A Drawer Back In A Whirlpool Freezer

Watch the video above and refer to this step-by-step procedure below on how to put a freezer drawer back in a Whirlpool Freezer:

  1. First, align the slides on the rails of the freezer and push the drawer forward.
  2. Now, snap both sides into place to secure the drawer assembly.
  3. Replace the bin into the freezer.

These steps can be used for Whirlpool French Door refrigerators.

How To Put A Drawer Back In A Frigidaire Freezer?

Here are the steps to put a drawer back in Frigidaire freezers:

  1. With the side rails pulled out, set the drawer assembly on the rails.
  2. Re-insert the retaining clips on both sides to secure the drawer.
  3. Next, realign the basket frame on the support rails and push back until the frame snaps into place.
  4. Hold the frame forward and reposition the ice bucket and basket in the frame.
  5. Reinstall the front drawer panel by hooking the mounting studs on the front of the drawer rails.
  6. Thread and tighten the screws to secure.

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Why Is My Freezer Drawer Sticking?

Freezer drawers tend to stick for many reasons. And one of the reasons why it sticks is because of clogged dirt. Try cleaning your entire freezer, namely the gasket, rails, baskets, and bins when you notice that your freezer drawers are sticking.

Another reason why your freezer drawers are stuck is because of frost formation. To avoid this, consider defrosting your refrigerators once in a while in order to prevent ice buildup.

So before you decide to change your freezer gaskets, make sure to clean your freezer first to remove any dirt that may have caused the problem.

How Do You Lubricate A Freezer Drawer Slide?

There are a lot of ways to lubricate a freezer drawer. However, you should make sure that the lubricant you use is one that is FDA approved or safe for use in refrigerators and freezers to avoid food contamination, or worse—food poisoning.

Pure paraffin wax (not candle wax), pure petroleum jelly (without medication), and pure mineral oil are the recommended lubricants to be used in refrigerators and freezers.

Applying these lubricants to the rails will help maintain the quality and the smoothness of the movement of a freezer drawer. To learn more on this topic, read through our post on How To Lubricate A Freezer Drawer.

In Closing

To properly put freezer drawers back in, one must see to it that the freezer rails are fully extended. The freezer drawer has to be seated correctly onto all four rail tabs with the use of the hooks attached to the drawer.

After engaging the rail tabs and the hooks, lock them using the Phillips screwdriver to ensure that they do not detach from each other.

Lastly, open and close the drawer to ensure that they have been placed properly. A properly replaced freezer drawer slides smoothly. For more insight on how to troubleshoot freezer drawers, check out our previous post: Freezer Drawer Stuck – What To Do?

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