Can You Freeze Apple Butter?

Apple butter is a well-loved condiment for autumn treats. Even though the process of making apple butter is tedious, there is so much that you can do with apple butter for any season and occasion. Making apple butter ahead will save you time and effort. In order to have a stock of apple butter ready, you can freeze apple butter. We have researched expert tips and tricks to make the most of freezing apple butter.

Yes, you can definitely freeze apple butter. Freezing is an easy way to preserve apple butter. Start off with clean and freezer-safe containers like mason jars or freezer bags. Keep the apple butter frozen in the freezer instead of the fridge. By freezing, you can store apple butter for up to one year. Having a stash of apple butter ready will save you time in making your recipes. With the versatility of apple butter, there are so many recipes you can do all year round.

If you have a long list of recipes that call for apple butter, storing it in the freezer is a great option. You must remember that proper preparation and storage of your apple butter can help maintain its shelf-life. As much as possible, every bit of apple butter is not put to waste. There are some things you must consider to preserve apple butter. Keep on reading to find out how freezing affects apple butter.


Apple butter and apples on the table, Can You Freeze Apple Butter?

Why Freeze Apple Butter?

Autumn will not be complete without any apple butter. Similar to applesauce, apple butter is also made by slow-cooking apples. Yet, apple butter has a thicker and richer consistency than applesauce. You can either buy apple butter or make it on your own. Homemade apple butter takes more time and effort. With the long process of making apple butter, freezing is the best option to save your time for future recipes.

Try this simple homemade apple butter recipe you can make.

Homemade sweet apple butter

How To Freeze Apple Butter

Maintaining the shelf-life is the primary purpose of freezing apple butter. Freezing is an excellent choice if you want to use apple butter even after autumn. There are tips you can follow to prevent wasting apple butter. Read along to know how to freeze apple butter properly.


  1. When you are through with cooking apple butter, check if the apple butter is thick and creamy.
  2. Remove from the heat. Let the apple butter cool at room temperature before freezing it.
  3. Use a ladle to transfer the apple butter to your freezer-safe containers (E.g. Ziplocs or mason jars). Leave at least 1/2 to 1 inch before sealing.
  4. To prevent freezer burns, tuck a plastic wrap down to cover the apple butter.
  5. Place the containers in the freezer.

For unopened apple butter, you can place the container straight in the freezer. Once already opened, transfer the apple butter to freezer-safe containers. Any moisture and air that goes inside the open container can spoil the apple butter. Also, make sure to label the containers to monitor the shelf-life of apple butter in the freezer.

Homemade apple butter

How Long Does Apple Butter Last In The Freezer?

Apple butter can stay in the freezer for up to one year. Once you already thawed apple butter, keep this in the fridge for up to three weeks. It will still be okay to use the apple butter after three weeks, but also check if it can still be safe to use. Discard immediately if there are significant changes in the smell and taste of the apple butter.

Can You Freeze Apple Butter In Freezer Bags?

Yes, you can freeze apple butter in freezer bags. Freezing your apple butter in freezer bags does not only save you time in preparing apple butter recipes, but you can also save freezer space. Even though freezer bags can withstand expansion, always leave enough space.

Can You Freeze Apple Butter In Mason jars?

If you want to have a rustic vibe in storing apple butter, you can freeze it in mason jars. Mason jars are plastic-free and freezer-safe. Always let the apple butter cool down at room temperature before freezing. It's important to remember that apple butter also expands when freezing. Make sure to leave enough space for the apple butter for expansion. Do not completely fill the jar in order to prevent breakage.

How To Clean Mason Jars Before Use

Apple butter will have a longer shelf-life with sterilized containers for storing. If you have a dishwasher with a sanitize cycle, this will work fine. Leave the jars heated dry to keep them hot prior to storing. If you do not want to use the dishwasher, read below to know how to clean your mason jars:

Steps In Sterilizing Mason Jars

  1. Wash the jars in hot and soapy water.
  2. Rinse with water.
  3. Boil the jars for 10 minutes. Keep the jars hot until ready to use.
  4. For the lids, place them in hot (but not boiling) water for 10 minutes.

Is It Better To Freeze Or Can Apple Butter?

Canning is a better known option to preserve apple butter. Canning preserves the apple butter better, especially if you need it in the coming winter. Yet, canning takes more time and effort. Removing air bubbles is a concern when canning. It is better to use straight-sided canning jars with a wide mouth to get rid of the bubbles. Although the process is time-consuming, properly canned apple butter can last up from one to two years.

Follow these steps in canning apple butter:

  1. Fill the jars for canning. Leave at least 1/4 of headspace. Remove all of the bubbles.
  2. Wipe the rims of the jars and the cap. It is better to use 2-part canning lids.
  3. Process the jars in a boiling water bath. You need 5 minutes for pints and half-pints, while it will take 10 minutes for quarts.
  4. Turn off the heat and place the jars in the hot water for another 5 minutes.
  5. After this, wipe the jars dry. Leave the jars to cool down.
  6. Store in a cool and dry place in the pantry.

If you fall short with time, freezing apple butter is a good option. Whether you choose between canning or freezing, you can still keep large batches of apple butter for a longer time.

Apple Butter Ideas

Apple butter and freshly baked bread

Apple butter is a must-have condiment all year round. Apple butter recipes are not limited to autumn treats but are also versatile for any season. Most apple butter is plain, and adding some spices like nutmeg and cinnamon enhances the flavor. Apple butter can be simple as a sandwich spread to a more sophisticated cocktail drink ingredient. There are so many apple butter recipes you can find on the internet.

Check out some apple butter ideas you will love.

Final Thoughts

Apple butter has so much to offer. Having apple butter in your kitchen is a must all year round. Canning or freezing apple butter are two common ways to store apple butter. Canning will take much time and effort. With freezing, you save more time in creating recipes that use apple butter. Freezing clean mason jars and freezer-safe plastic bags can preserve the taste of apple butter for up to one year. Save apple butter now and start freezing!

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