Can You Freeze Almond Milk To Make Ice Cream?

Want to get a fix of your ice cream cravings without the dairy and too much sugar? Do not worry if you have lactose intolerance or are going on a vegan diet. You can try a simple ice cream recipe using almond milk which is a low-sugar and non-dairy substitute. You won't feel the guilt when eating this delicious treat. We have pulled together easy steps you can follow to make this well-loved dessert.

You can freeze almond milk to make homemade non-dairy ice cream. Almond milk is a good choice, especially if you are lactose-intolerant or want to cut sugar intake. To make your ice cream, just pour the almond milk mixture into an ice cube tray. It is best to freeze smaller portions of almond milk to retain the nutty taste. Then, the almond milk cubes are ready for blending to create your ice cream.

Choosing almond milk in making ice cream will have a different texture and shelf-life from ice creams made with dairy-based milk. Not everyone can eat ice cream due to some medical conditions. But with almond milk, you can still enjoy ice cream without ruining your gut. Read along to find out how you can make your own almond milk ice cream with additional ingredients.


Homemade almond milk in glasses and bottle on table, Can You Freeze Almond Milk To Make Ice Cream?

How do you make almond milk ice cream?

The ingredients you need to create your almond milk ice cream can be easily found in your pantry. You can use a high-speed blender or an ice cream maker for this, whichever you have available. You can make a variety of flavors with this ice cream. You can add chocolate or mint, or even experiment with adding cookies and fruit. This recipe can make 4-5 servings.

Almond Milk Ice Cream Ingredients

For this simple ice cream recipe, you only need five ingredients.

  • 500 ml or 2 cups of almond milk

  • 1/2 cup of nut butter

    • In this recipe, you can use almond, cashew, coconut, or just simple peanut butter. There are low-carb, keto, or paleo options if you are more conscious of your diet.

  • 1/3 cup of natural sweetener

    • Sugar-free sweeteners like maple syrup, honey, or stevia will substitute sugar.

  • 1 and 1/2 teaspoon of vanilla extract
  • 3 pinches of salt


  1. Mix all the ingredients well using a high-speed blender. If you make use of an ice cream maker, fill it 3/4 or up to the line. Check the mixture until you get a soft-serve texture.
  2. Pour the mixture into an ice cube tray and let it freeze overnight.
  3. Take the tray out from the freezer for at least 20 minutes before using.
  4. Blend to get a smooth texture.

If you want a firmer texture, transfer the ice cream into another container to freeze for another hour. It is better to eat it within the day. You can as well store your ice cream in the freezer for up to 1 month. The lack of stabilizers in almond milk ice cream will only give a shorter life comparing it to store-bought ice cream. If you plan to refreeze, you can only do this up to 2 times. Be sure to use clean utensils when scooping the ice cream to avoid spoilage.

Make these upgraded almond milk ice cream recipes to experiment adding flavors and taste.

Is almond milk ice cream healthy?

Almond milk is usually integrated into healthy diets. Almond milk is best if unsweetened. There is no sugar content and there are, at most, 30 calories for one serving. The calcium content of almond milk is 50% more than other dairy products. Drinking a cup will give you almost 30% of your daily needs. Almond milk is a good source of Vitamin E and B2 that help cells in the body. Other minerals, including potassium, magnesium, and phosphorus, are beneficial for health.

Making almond milk ice cream is surely a win-win for health buffs. With the vitamins and minerals present, it is an easy and satisfying way to get the needed vitamins and minerals for the body. Even though healthy, it is not advised for children below 1-year-old to eat any type of ice cream, may it be dairy or non-dairy. The digestive system is still developing in the first year of the child and can cause serious health effects while growing up. You can introduce dairy and non-dairy milk after turning the age of 1.

Can you substitute almond milk for whole milk in ice cream?

Almond milk is a good option if you go vegan, avoid dairy products in your diet, or want ice cream with less sugar. Using almond milk in making ice cream gives a different result. Milk with higher content of fat makes the ice cream creamier, smoother, and richer in texture. Whole milk contains 8 grams of fat while unsweetened almond milk only has 3g. This is because almond milk is plant-based with lower fat content. If you use frozen almond milk, it needs to thaw before blending at very high speeds. The speed will help you achieve a creamy texture.

Planning to go on a plant-based or low-carb diet? Explore other dairy substitutes to make healthier ice cream treats.

Can you make ice cream with almond milk in an ice cream maker?

Of course, you can! The process is similar for other kinds of milk. If you want to try making homemade ice cream, an ice cream maker is a good kitchen buddy. Buying an ice cream maker will save you time in making delicious ice cream. There are a variety of ice cream makers you can choose from depending on your needs.

Ice cream made using an ice cream maker will be creamier if the milk is dairy-based. Milk with more fat content usually found in dairy is the key to make the ice cream churn well and fast. Although almond milk has lower fat content, it can still have a creamy texture. In general, most recipes call for churning the almond milk mixture for 30 to 40 minutes to achieve a creamy texture. You can always check the consistency of the ice cream from time to time until pleased with the results.

Does almond milk freeze well?

Homemade almond milk in glasses and bottle on table

Almond milk brands do not suggest that you freeze almond milk. The consistency of the milk will change the taste and texture of your milk. It is better not to drink frozen almond milk immediately after thawing. Some stirring or blending can help, but it will not taste as usual compared to unfrozen almond milk.

If your recipe for baking and making smoothies and shakes call for more portions of almond milk, freezing is fine. Almond milk from an unopened box is also okay to freeze as long as it is good for only one serving. If transferring from the original package, remember to use an airtight container to store the almond milk.

If you plan to freeze smaller amounts of almond milk, pour the milk into an ice cube tray for freezing. The small portions make it easier for defrosting the cubes before using them in your recipes. For making ice cream, it is good to freeze the milk into cubes to retain its taste.

Final Thoughts

Almond milk is free from dairy, gluten, low in fat, calories, and sugar. In fact, almond milk is a good choice for the health-conscious. Due to the health benefits of almond milk, it is a good substitute for dairy milk used in making ice cream. It is better to freeze the milk in small cubes. In that case, frozen almond milk cubes will blend faster until smooth and creamy. Similarly, you can make use of your ice cream maker to save time. Granted that an almond milk ice cream recipe is simple, you can add a lot of flavors to please your taste buds. Almond milk is definitely a versatile ingredient for ice cream.

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