What Does A “Garage Ready” Freezer Mean?

Not all freezers in the market are suitable for your garage, especially if your climate changes constantly. But if you have no idea what a "garage-ready" freezer is and you're curious about the difference, you're in the right place. From our research, we've found what you need to know about these freezers.

A garage-ready freezer is simply a freezer with a heater that tricks the thermostat into running the compressor so that the freezer keeps your frozen goods frozen. If the temperature of your garage dips below freezing on the thermostat, it continues running rather than the freezer shutting off. 

Keep reading as we elaborate on the features of a garage-ready freezer. You'll find out here if it's the appliance you badly need, where should it be placed, and more about this freezer type.


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How do I know if a freezer is garage-ready?

You will know a freezer is garage-ready when it is equipped with a heating mechanism. It works in such a way that the freezer's thermostat is enabled to initiate the compressor to run. As result, your frozen goods are safe as they remain frozen.

In instances where the temperature of your garage goes below freezing as shown on the thermostat, the system might pick up it is cold enough, thus shutting off your freezer. As for the type of freezer, it is usually a standing or upright freezer that is equipped out of the box with this heater.

For chest or regular freezers, while best suited in enclosed or insulated areas. It can still be made suitable for your garage.

You'll just have to install a small heater similar to the ones found on the standing and upright freezers, giving you a chest freezer that is garage-ready. Take note there are some chest freezers with this heater. However, they are not common.

Do I need a garage-ready freezer?

If you want to store fresh food for a long time, then yes! A garage-ready freezer is right for you. Having the ability to store a ton of food for the future is always a good thing.

A garage freezer is great for your home because it can keep your goods frozen even if the temperature of your garage changes. Don’t worry if you don’t have much room in your garage since garage-ready freezers may come in different shapes and sizes.

A chest freezer uses less electricity and you’ll be able to store large quantities of frozen goods. There’s also the option to go for an upright freezer.

Upright freezers are best suited for homes that don’t have that much floor space. Another thing to note is that a majority of upright freezers come with a self-defrosting feature that will help with ice build-up in your freezer. This makes for easy freezer cleaning and maintenance, and an efficient freezer. 

How much space do you need around a chest freezer?

A full-size chest freezer will utilize more floor space inside your garage, so you should keep that in mind when looking for one. It will also make your experience much better, having room to get or move goods to and from your chest freezer.

Also, you'll need a fair amount of space for your chest freezer since most are manual defrost. Having enough space will help you clean your freezer much easier and quicker since you can freely reach the plug to drain it. 

Meanwhile, a compact chest freezer takes minimal space giving you the ability to move it around more often. A compact freezer is a good option if you regularly clean out your garage.

To learn how long it takes to defrost a chest freezer, check our post here: "How Long Does It Take To Defrost A Chest Freezer?

Where should a freezer be placed in the garage?

It depends on what type of freezer you have. The most common of these are chest freezers and standing or upright freezers.

Many freezers will likely have a self-defrosting feature that will produce a lot of noise compared to manual ones. Keep in mind that most chest freezers are manual defrost; it is better not to keep them in a cramped space for easy access to cleaning or getting goods.

On the other hand, standing or upright freezers are mostly self-defrosting. Which means it has a heater that will emit a louder noise. Placing them away from your living space will be the best option for you. 

You can also build an enclosed space for your freezer, keeping it at ideal temperatures at all times. Rust is another thing to consider, so we advise keeping your freezer away from water as much as possible since it may damage the compressor located outside of the fridge.

How do I protect my freezer in my garage?

If you have the budget and time, you can insulate your garage or build an enclosed space, you will achieve the best performance out of your freezer. Doing this will help your freezer to only modulate the temperature around it. 

If you don’t have the budget or time to build one, setting up fans will help the airflow of your garage. These fans will help circulate the airflow of your freezer’s cooling system. You can also set up a dehumidifier to help keep your garage dry, reducing the risk of rust.

Putting your freezer in a cool and dry environment with constant temperature should be your top priority since this will prolong the life of your freezer. Saving you a lot of time and money in the process.

Can I put a freezer on my porch?

The short answer is yes. You can put a freezer on your porch, but here are some things you need to keep in mind.

Rain is a huge factor that can ruin your freezer. There is a chance that the compressor may short-circuit when getting wet since it is outside of the freezer. 

Weather is also one thing you should look out for. Expect higher electric bills in the summer but lower in winter. The weather will most likely make your freezer work twice as much if you live in a climate where the temperature constantly changes, potentially straining or decreasing the lifespan of your freezer. 

If you plan on putting your freezer on your porch, we recommend putting it in a spot where it's somewhat protected. You wouldn't want your frozen goods to get ruined if your freezer shorts.

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In Closing

Garage-ready freezers give you a ton of options, from giving you the ability to store fresh food for longer to the different types of freezers that you can choose from depending on your needs. Just remember the location of your freezer is important to prolong the life of your appliance.

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