Should You Put Lipstick In The Freezer?

If you’re a make-up lover or just a regular make-up user, you’re probably searching for the best ways to keep your lipstick in its best condition. You’ve also probably heard that putting your lipstick in the fridge can help with that. But what about the freezer? In this article, we’ve researched the facts on lipsticks and freezing to find out if your favorite makeup should go in the freezer.

You can put unopened and unused lipstick in the freezer, especially if you want to save it for future use. For lipsticks that have been opened or used, freezing can lengthen their shelf life, eliminate germs on their surface, or harden them if they melt. However, the results might vary among formulas, and things like texture and consistency might be affected. Because of this variability, you might want to store them in a cabinet, drawer, or refrigerator instead, so you know what to expect.

It looks like there’s a lot to consider, but don’t worry because we’ve provided detailed explanations throughout this article. We’ve also provided information on the other ways to store lipstick, keep your lipstick sanitary, and other things you should know about maintaining your lipstick.


A woman applying lipstick on her lips on a pink background, Should You Put Lipstick In The Freezer?

What happens if lipstick freezes?

Warmer temperatures accelerate the breakdown of the ingredients in cosmetic products. Colder temperatures slow down the process by inactivating the enzymes responsible for degradation. When these enzymes do not work, lipstick's shelf life is extended.

Although lipstick that freezes undergoes some changes in consistency or texture, depending on how stable the mixture of wax, oil, and pigment is, the wax component of lipstick at colder temperatures can get firmer. This causes the product to be a thicker consistency, and it might feel like it's tugging on your lips as you apply it.

Fortunately, manufacturers usually conduct temperature-variability tests during production to preempt and fix these possible reactions. Therefore, the product should be stable under cold weather conditions, including freezing temperatures.

Does freezing lipstick kill germs?

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Yes, freezing lipstick can kill germs. If you want to sanitize your lipstick in the freezer, just leave it inside overnight, and remember to take it out in the morning. But keep in mind that some microorganisms can still survive the cold, so lipstick might not be completely germ-free.

What are other ways to kill germs on lipstick?

If you want to keep your lipstick more sanitary, try not to share it with other people or use it when you are sick. For lipsticks with applicators, some makeup artists put the product on the back of their sanitized hands and then use a brush to pick up the product. For traditional bullet-type lipsticks, using a lipstick brush can also minimize contamination. Do not use your hands to apply the lipstick.

Another way you can sanitize lipsticks would be to use isopropyl alcohol. This method is quick, easy, and shouldn’t affect the quality of the lipstick. Pour it into a small container, like a shot glass, and then dip in your lipstick for a few seconds. Some say 3 seconds is enough, but others use a range of 15–30 seconds. Then dab it dry with facial tissue or let it air dry. You can also use an alcohol spray for this.

Other articles say that vodka would work as well. However, drinking alcohol might not be as effective in eliminating germs as rubbing alcohol, so it would be best to stick to that. Lastly, you can take off the top layer of lipstick by rubbing or scraping it off.

How do you store unused lipstick?

There are different ways to store unused lipsticks. If you want to keep them in a cabinet or drawer, make sure that the area is at a constant temperature. Also, it would be better to keep the product in its original packaging or with the seal intact. If the packaging is not vacuum sealed or airtight, make sure the cover is on tight. Store the product in a box with a lid, and preferably in a dark color. Lastly, transfer it to your cabinet or drawer.

Another place you can store unused lipsticks is the refrigerator or freezer, preferably in bags or containers so that they don’t absorb any odor. You can also label the containers with the date of purchase and the shades you have inside if there are several.

What is the best way to store lipstick?

The best way to store lipstick would be to put it somewhere cool, dry, and dark. That means keeping the product away from direct sunlight or heat, fluctuating temperatures, and areas that can get damp. Cabinets and drawers should work for this, as well as the refrigerator or freezer with stable temperatures. 

As stated earlier, cold temperatures slow down the chemical reactions responsible for breaking down the product's ingredients and making them go bad. Therefore, if you want to preserve unopened lipsticks, the freezer might be a good place to store them.

Accordingly, with refrigerators and their constant cycling between temperatures, it’s more likely that the problems with texture and consistency might come out. There is also the risk of condensation with refrigeration where lipsticks may be prone to losing moisture.

Cabinets and drawers might not provide the low temperatures that fridges or freezers can, but as long as they are cool, dry, and dark, your lipstick should be fine. It might not last as long as it would as in the other settings, but at least you are assured that the formula will not change unless it’s expired or exposed to high temperatures.

How long before lipstick expires?

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Manufacturers usually recommend replacing lipstick after 18–24 months. However, depending on where you store them or their heat exposure, it might only be 12 months. Beyond that, you should throw them out, regardless of where you kept them. 

There should also be a small label or sticker on the product that indicates how many months or years you can keep it before you have to dispose of it. One helpful tip is to put a sticker with the date of when you bought the product so you have an estimate as to when you should throw it away.

Can lipstick expire even if it’s unopened?

Unopened lipstick will eventually expire, although it will take  3 to 5 years, especially if you store it well. Those that do not contain preservatives will usually go bad faster, regardless of where you keep them. Accordingly, putting them in the refrigerator or freezer might help get the most out of their shelf life, but they do still expire.

Final Thoughts

We’ve all tried our best to make our beauty products last, especially ones that expire quickly, like lipstick. So feel free to try out any of the methods we’ve provided, so you can see for yourself and find out how you would like to store your favorite shades. Just remember to dispose of them when it’s time because expired makeup can look bad and can be bad for you too.

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