How Long Does A New Chest Freezer Take To Freeze?

If you plan to buy a chest freezer, you must consider the time for freezing. The food you need to keep frozen might be at risk of spoilage while waiting for the freezer to get cold. We have researched from the experts how long it will take for a new chest freezer to freeze.

A new and empty chest freezer would take around 2 to 8 hours to freeze. Several factors affect the freezing time of a new chest freezer. It is best to ensure that the freezer is in good working condition before turning it on. Defects and other issues prolong the freezing time.

You must have patience while waiting for your new chest freezer to freeze. If you have food that might spoil when not frozen, you can place them in insulated or cooler boxes. You will have to plan for your meals if you wait long for your new chest freezer. Continue reading to learn about the freezing time of your chest freezers.


A chest freezer frozen inside, How Long Does A New Chest Freezer Take To Freeze?

Why Does It Take Long To Freeze A New Chest Freezer?

When turning the freezer on for the first time, keep your freezer closed. Frequent opening of the freezer door interrupts the freezing process. The warm air that comes inside affects the circulation of the cold air. The chest freezer must reach a stabilized freezing temperature before storing anything inside. You can add frozen food to lower the freezer temperature.

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The freezing time of a new chest freezer varies. The time for freezing a new chest freezer ranges from 2 to 8 hours. It might take you more time if the freezer does not meet some conditions. Listed below are the common factors affecting the freezing time:

1. Size

Chest freezer sizes vary. You can check out how wide is a typical chest freezer. But basically, the bigger the chest freezer, the longer time it needs for freezing. A 15.7 cubic feet freezer will take 6-8 hours, while a 3.1 cubic feet unit will only take 2-3 hours.

2. Temperature

When transporting, sun exposure causes a high starting temperature of the freezer. A hot freezer unit exposed to the sun for a long time will take more time to freeze. You will need to let the chest freezer cool down before turning it on.

Also, the room temperature where you place your chest freezer can be hot due to the sun exposure. It is best to keep the new freezer away from warmer areas to speed up the freezing time.

3. Chest Freezer Condition

Check the chest freezer unit before using it. Your new chest freezer might have faulty thermostats or fan motors. These issues can cause your chest freezer to freeze slower or not freeze at all. If there are product defects, you can contact the manufacturer and ask for a replacement.

4. Empty Vs Stocked Chest Freezer

A full chest freezer with frozen goods can speed up the freezing process compared to an empty one. Adding frozen goods absorbs the warm air faster, then distributes the cold air inside the freezer. As a result, your chest freezer gets cold fast.

5. Opening The Freezer Door

The frequent opening of the chest freezer door slows down freezing time. Always keep your freezer door closed to avoid interrupting the freezing process. To be sure, only open your freezer after 6 hours.

How Long Do You Have To Leave A New Chest Freezer Before Using it?

An opened chest freezer on a white background

Your new chest freezer arrived, but you will not be able to turn it on right away. Whether you got your chest freezer delivered or transported by yourself, you need to leave it off before using it. The time you need to leave your chest freezer depends on how the vendor transported the freezer.

If transported on its sides, it takes at least 4 hours before you can turn the freezer on. For freezers transported upright, it will only take an hour.

Most deliveries position the freezer on the sides instead of upright. Delivery men will remind you about the hours you need to wait. The time the freezer is on its side should also be time to leave it standing upright. During the transport, the freezer unit shakes and causes the oil to spill out of the compressor.

The oil acts as a lubricant that keeps the compressor gears working. The compressor is vital for the functioning of the freezer. It would be best to leave the freezer unit standing so that the oil goes back to the compressor. Plugging on too early might affect the cooling function of the freezer.

Will An Empty Chest Freezer Get Cold?

After leaving the chest freezer for hours, you can now turn on the freezer. Even though still empty, the freezer starts cooling once plugged in. But an empty freezer wastes more energy than a freezer with some frozen products inside. Frozen food or beverages help the freezer to get cold faster. Aside from the temperature, you can save energy consumption.

How Long Does It Take A New Chest Freezer To Freeze Food?


Remember that you also have to wait for the freezer to stand before turning it on. That is to say, after waiting for at least 4 hours after delivery, you will need extra hours before freezing food. It would take you around 6 to 8 hours for the chest freezer to become cold enough for freezing food.

You must not place any unfrozen food inside first. The freezer temperature must reach 0°F to start freezing. Instead, you can place frozen food to help the freezer lower its temperature.

Do not half-fill the chest freezer. You need to fill the chest freezer full up to its capacity. The warm air that could go inside is lower compared to an empty or half-full chest freezer. With the low, warm air, your chest freezer will also use lesser energy. It will surely help then to find out how to best fill your chest freezer.

Overfilling the chest freezer is not beneficial. If you overcrowd the contents inside, your food will not freeze well. There will be poor air circulation due to the blocking of the air vents. If this persists, the chest freezer might start to work harder. If the freezer overworks, this can cause the freezer to malfunction.

How long Does It Take For A New Chest Freezer To Freeze Water?

You can start using your chest freezer by freezing water. A cold bottle of water can refresh you on a hot day. As much as you want to get cold water immediately, the freezing time depends on several factors.

Room temperature water will turn into ice after 1 to 2 hours in the freezer. For cold or hot water, it takes about 45 minutes to an hour. Although hot water has a higher temperature, some conditions can make it freeze fast. The phenomenon behind the fast freezing of hot water is the Mpemba effect.

Aside from the temperature, the amount of water also affects freezing time. Large amounts of water take more time to freeze. If you cannot wait for long, you can freeze bottled water instead of a large jug. Get some tips from our other post that tackles freezing water in bottles.

In Closing

It is exciting to stock up your frozen goods in a new chest freezer. But freezing it for the first time will take several hours. The freezing time of a new chest freezer ranges from 2 to 8 hours. Several factors like size and temperature affect the freezing time.

Before using your new chest freezer, leave it unplugged for at least 4 hours. Leaving it out in a standing position is essential to make the freezer function well. It is best not to open the freezer door to speed up the freezing time after turning it on. You can also place frozen food to help lower the freezer's temperature.

Always follow the product manuals so that you can use your chest freezer in good condition.

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