Why Do Some Freezers Have Locks?

Manufacturers ensure that they cater to the different needs of their buyers by inquiring from potential buyers which features they would like to see added to household appliances. A popular feature that can be found in newer upright and chest freezers is a freezer lock. Some first-time buyers might be wondering why a freezer would have or need a lock. Before you choose which freezer to buy, answer that question first. We've done thorough research on this and found rather interesting answers from our experts.

Some buyers who acquire either upright or chest freezers for commercial or private use, need locks on their freezers for security purposes. Whether the freezer is in a garage, in a house, or in a convenience store, locks will help stop sticky fingers from picking things when no one is looking. To prevent children from playing with the freezer, lock it.

Continue reading to see the advantages of having a freezer model with a lock, which popular brands have locks, and why these types of freezers are a worthy investment.


A man opening the freezer, Why Do Some Freezers Have Locks?

Advantages of having a lock on your freezer

When you stock your freezer at home, you primarily want to save some money. When commercial freezers are stocked up, the entrepreneur hopes to derive a profit from the food kept in the freezer. Therefore, a freezer with a lock has several advantages to achieve the above-mentioned goals. The following advantages will help you choose an appropriate appliance for your home or business.

  • A locked freezer will keep food fresh longer because the temperatures in the freezer stays constant. When a freezer is opened frequently and not closed properly, food can get spoiled and thus goes to waste.
  • Children might be tempted to play with freezer doors that are located at the bottom of the refrigerator. Apart from the food getting spoiled, a child can get trapped in the freezer. To avoid your freezer becoming a hazard to your children, buy a freezer with a pre-installed lock or install one yourself.
  • Children playing with your freezer door might damage it. Avoid costly repairs by putting a lock on your freezer door. It's much cheaper to purchase and install a suitable lock for your freezer door than to repair a damaged door.
  • To reduce energy bills, keep your freezer door closed and locked, when necessary. Little ones might not close the freezer door well and food won't stay fresh for long.
  • When moving your appliance, you'll need to keep your freezer door locked. In case your freezer doesn't have a pre-installed lock, install one and lock your appliance before moving it to avoid damaging the freezer door.

is there a way to lock a chest freezer?

Yes, there is a way to lock your chest freezer. Some chest freezers have a pre-installed lock whilst others will require you to install a lock. Online and home improvement stores have varieties of locks that you can choose from depending on your chest freezer.

To lock a chest freezer with a pre-installed lock, it's simple. First, set the desired temperatures. Then, close the freezer door shut. Ensure that nothing hanging is by the sides. Put the key and turn it to lock the freezer. Finally, place the key in a safe place where you can easily retreat it.

To install a lock on your freezer, you'll need to find a suitable lock. Clean the freezer surface where the lock will be installed and degrease it. Screw or glue it on the freezer with the necessary tools and put a padlock. Lock your padlock and keep the key out of children's reach. Watch this video to see how to do the detailed steps yourself:

Are all GE freezer keys the same?

No, GE freezer keys aren't the same! GE freezer keys differ, and before you purchase a replacement, make sure you know the exact model of your freezer. To find out the model of your key, check the manual of the freezer or check a plate affixed to the freezer. GE freezer keys can be readily found online for specific models.

Can you put a padlock on a freezer?

Absolutely! There are suitable locks that are meant for upright or chest freezers with padlocks. There are several types of padlocks meant for freezers.

The most popular type of lock for freezers is the single hinge hasp lock. The lock has a loop that protrudes which is known as the hasp. The loop hooks over a metal piece called staple.

To glue the lock on your freezer, you'll need heavy-duty metal epoxy. Place the pieces on the respective doors, and don't touch the lock until it completely dries. The glue may take 24 hours or more to dry completely.

Types of locks for upright and chest freezers

A man opening the tall freezer

Newer chest or upright freezer models come with locks. In case you own a freezer model that doesn't have a lock, here are some easy-to-use locks for your freezer. It's advisable to put a lock on the freezer, no matter where it is located in your home. Especially if your home has toddlers. Below are types of locks for both upright and chest freezers:

keyless locks

These are self-adhesive locks that lock using a code combination. They are suitable for any size of the chest or upright freezer or refrigerators which have a sectioned freezer door. The keyless locks are easy to install, operate and effectively keep intruders out.

Built-in key locks

Built-in key locks are pre-installed in the appliance from the manufacturers. These locks have a key that you must turn to lock the freezer. Most keys are metallic, but there are some made of durable plastic. Built-in locks have a pair of keys that must be kept safely.

strap locks

Strap locks are self-adhesive locks that can be installed on your freezer to keep curious toddlers from opening the freezer. Such locks are easily found online and can be installed easily with no difficulties.

locks with padlocks

Freezer locks and padlocks are in high demand. Manufacturers ensure that they produce suitable locks for models that don't have pre-installed locks. You can purchase the desired type of padlock apart from the lock, or as a set.

are frigidaire freezer keys universal?

Not necessarily. But most Frigidaire freezer keys are compatible with chest or upright freezers. Frigidaire freezer keys are metallic and come separate from the appliances. These freezer keys are readily found in major stores as well as online.

how do you use a freezer key?

Older freezer models that have locks require you to remove the key when you lock it. Ensure that you keep the key in a safe place out of children's reach.

New upright and chest freezer models have a very interesting feature. The key self ejects once the freezer is locked. Once you insert the key in the lock, turn it to the left or right to lock the freezer door. The key pops out of the lock, prompting you to remove it. This superb feature works as a reminder but ensures that you remove the key to avoid little ones opening the freezer.

in closing

Like any other appliances, upright and chest freezers have some differentiating features depending on the model. Being able to lock your freezer, primarily makes it safe and secure for your children and curious pets. A lock will deter burglars from emptying your monthly food supply. Commercial freezers need locks to discourage petty theft in convenience stores.

Any kind of visible lock on appliances discourages any attempted theft. Before you purchase an upright or chest freezer, ensure that it has a pre-installed lock for security if your freezer will be kept in the garage. Your food, drinks, or candy will stay fresh longer because the temperatures will remain constant.

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