How To Fix A Cracked Freezer Drawer

Have you ever opened a freezer drawer while in a hurry or over-packed it until it cracked in the process? You may have thought about the cost of replacing it and wondered if it is possible to fix it. Will the drawer be as strong as before after repairing it? What materials do you need to fix the crack? We have researched for you and come up with answers on how to repair your cracked freezer drawer.

You can undoubtedly repair it as a professional would. The solution is to use the correct adhesive, which largely depends on which part of the drawer has a crack, the strength of the glue, and the safety of refrigerated food against potentially harmful glues.  

You can save money by repairing your freezer drawer. Continue reading to learn how to go about it.


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Can I Glue A Freezer Drawer?

Basically, glue is your ultimate solution and is absolutely safe to use in your freezer drawer. However, you cannot use just any glue. You have to use adhesives that have the properties to withstand the freezing conditions inside your freezer. In addition, use the most appropriate glue depending on which part of the drawer has cracked.

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Which Adhesives Work In a Freezer?

Mixing the epoxy glue for stick the steel part

With many perspectives on which glues are the most suitable for a freezer, some use duct tape, others use acrylic glue, and yet others will prefer super glue. Duct tape is mostly a temporary solution because it will not survive in very cold temperatures as it will harden, minimizing its power to stick.

Acrylic or super glue works well, but the best glue to use would be a two-part epoxy that is favorable to cold temperatures. The repairs will be permanent and durable as it cures very fast.

The epoxy glue is also the most suitable because it turns clear after it dries, leaving you with a neat repair so that it blends in well with the rest of the fridge.

What You Need To Know Before Fixing Your Cracked Freezer drawer

When your freezer drawer cracks, it would be a good idea to fix it immediately to prevent it from getting worse to a point that it becomes difficult to repair. Most cracks can be fixed using a special glue that is strong enough to withstand cold temperatures.

The glues are normally thicker than the usual type, do not run easily, and turn clear or almost clear so that the fixed crack will not appear different from the rest of the drawer.

Before you embark on any repairs, know which part of the drawer has cracked and also take into consideration the safety of your refrigerated food so that you can use the correct glue.

1. Crack inside the Drawer

If the crack is inside the drawer, the best glue to use should be resistant to cold. That is because it will not budge after you fix it.

2. Food Safety

If the crack is located in a place where you might be worried that your food will come into contact with the glue, for example, inside your ice maker or the drawer where you keep your vegetables, you’ll want to purchase from FDA compliant adhesive suppliers online.

3. Crack outside the Drawer

When the crack is visible on the outside of the drawer, you will need glue that is resistant to impact. The outside part is handled the most as it is closed and opened frequently, making it more susceptible to breakage.  

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How Do You Fix The Front Of A Freezer Drawer?

If the front of your freezer drawer has cracked or is broken, you can repair it easily, and it will take around 40 minutes to fix. The instructions are as follows:

1. Prepare the needed Materials

You will need the following:

  • Epoxy glue
  • Towel

2. Remove the Drawer

Open the fridge door fully to allow you to remove the drawer. If it has a latch or a ridge on its sides, you will need to release it. And if it has a latch that is not mechanical, you will need to lift it and then pull it out. After removing the drawer, set it on a free surface so that you can see the crack.

3. Thoroughly Clean and Dry your Drawer or Pieces of the Drawer

Clean your drawer thoroughly with soap and water. Use vinegar to disintegrate stubborn dirt that will not easily wash off with soap. Your glue will not fix the crack properly when you apply it to a dirty drawer because the grime will interfere with its adhesive.

If the drawer or its pieces are extremely dirty, you might have to soak them in soapy water for some time. When you have cleaned them well, allow them to dry completely.

4. Apply Epoxy Glue

For your repair to last long, the best glue to use is a two-part epoxy because it is strong and provides a durable bond. Using a syringe or a tool with a sharp tip, gently open the crack and apply the glue.

Begin with the narrowest part of the crack, and onto the broader section, continuing to the end. Wipe off the excess glue with a damp towel.

5. Press Together for 30 Seconds

After you have finished applying the glue, the next step is to stick and hold the pieces together until they dry, which normally takes 30 seconds. If there are pieces that are completely separate from the main drawer, re-attach and align them properly, and then hold them firmly until the glue cures.

6. Let it cure for 30 Minutes

Place the drawer on a towel with the glued side up for 30 minutes. When it has dried, you can safely put your drawer back into the refrigerator.

Why Do Freezer drawers Crack?

Freezer drawers can crack due to several reasons. It could be because of over-packing, whereby if you put in more than the drawer can handle, the weight of the foodstuffs packed inside places undue pressure on it, causing it to crack.

Other reasons include: It was handled roughly and the fridge door slammed onto it, or maybe it was removed and dragged around, or it was closed in a hurry, banging it too hard that it cracked under too much force applied to it.

Finally, if it has been used for a long time, the simple act of opening and closing the drawer close to a million times in a year will eventually lead to wear and tear, causing the freezer drawer to crack.

In Closing

Repairing a freezer drawer is not as difficult as you would imagine or think. You only have to know which part of the drawer you will be fixing and the type of glue to use. There are different types of adhesives for the inside and outside of the drawer.

You also have to be very careful about the type of glue you use, especially if it poses a risk to your refrigerated food coming into contact with the glue.   

Following the correct procedure to fix the crack is crucial. Don’t forget to wash the freezer drawer and dry it thoroughly before applying glue, as grime and glue do not adhere well. You might have to use a syringe, or any other tool with a sharp tip to apply the glue so that it covers the whole crack or broken parts, creating a perfect alignment.

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