How Long Will A Decorated Cake Last In The Freezer?

We often are left with some cake from a birthday party, a wedding ceremony, or any other celebration. Chances are, you want to save some to eat at a later time. At other times, you may want to store a decorated cake for an event in the near future. This brings to mind the question of the cake's lifespan in a freezer.

Freezing is an excellent way of saving something, cake, in this case, to be eaten later. Freezing a cake, even one with decorations, is possible. It will even add to the shelf life of your decorated cake.

Of course, one will have to properly wrap it first and ensure the right conditions of the freezer. By freezing a decorated cake, you will make it last for weeks, even months without going bad.

Stick with us to read more. We have put together a guide for you about how a cake's shelf life can be extended, the proper methods of storing your decorated cake, and also the details associated with freezing your decorated cake. Let's get to it!


Layer cake decorated with chocolate glaze, cream flowers and cherry. How Long Will A Decorated Cake Last In The Freezer

How do you store a frosted cake in the freezer?

To ensure your cake stays in storage for the maximum amount of time possible without it changing its freshness, it is important that one adheres to proper methods and conditions when storing the cake.

Once your baked cake is decorated, plastic wrap or Ziploc bags will be the next items you need. If you need to freeze the cake for less than three days, then you will use one plastic wrap layer and wrap up the cake tight, but not too tight, so as not to change its form.

Ensure that there are no pockets of air. The second layer has several options. You can wrap the cake using another plastic wrap, use a freezer bag over the first wrapping, or even use a foil layer.

This technique of wrapping it twice gives the cake two or even four months more. Mark the date of storage to know when it nears the end of its freezer life.

It is also important to note that when using Ziplocs, get all air trapped inside out before sealing. If you have a freezer with wire racks, place the cake on a cardboard cake round in order to maintain the flatness of the cake's bottom.

When is it ideal to freeze cakes?

After baking a cake, give it some time to cool fully. Trimming the top part of the cake or leveling can wait until after you have frozen your cake to counter for freezer burns.

If freezer burns have occurred, they will attack the top part but not the rest of the cake itself. Allow your cake to cool for about ten minutes while still inside the pan. Then place it on the cooling rack to cool off completely before beginning the wrapping process.

Wrapping the cake while warm will trigger condensation right above the cake, and will make the surface of the cake turn somewhat soggy. If your cake was frozen while still warm, just let it be. During the defrosting, unwrap the cake immediately and brush frost particles away.

As compared to a normal refrigeration process, storing a cake in the freezer extends its lifespan from a matter of simple days to around two to four months, while still fresh. This is of course if proper storage techniques are employed. Use wrapping or an airtight container that is freezer safe. This preserves the taste of your cake!

How do you thaw a frozen cake?

When thawing a cake, dealing with condensation that is forming may become an issue. There are two ways this occurs: one, when your cake is wrapped, condensation tends to form on the inner surface of your plastic. This moisture may be put back on the cake's surface during unwrapping. The other way is when your cake is unwrapped and thus, the moisture can only go to the top of the cake.

The best tactic is to thaw your decorated cake for 2 hours in the fridge while it's still wrapped. This is beneficial, as some of this moisture will attach to the plastic. Moisture left on the cake's surface can be patted using a paper towel.

Once your cake has sat at room temperature (about 71 degrees Fahrenheit) for around twenty minutes to half an hour, it is ready to start serving or decorating, depending on your purpose for storing it in the first place.

Can you freeze a cake with fondant decorations?

fondant cake with rose icing design

Fondant is a type of icing that is widely used in cake decorations. It is comprised of shortening, glycerol, gelatin, and other things, like water.

Fondant decorations come in two forms. There is a fondant that is rolled and one that is poured. Rolled fondant, for instance, is solid in its feel. This form of fondant icing is affected, texturewise, once frozen.

The freezer breaks down the bonds of the solid mass, making it disintegrate. Your rolled fondant will turn into a viscous liquid.

The other form of fondant icing carries the feel of a thick liquid, hence the name "poured". This form has no effect on its composure once frozen. It should, however, be wrapped using two layers of plastic wrapping before being kept in the freezer.

Avoid putting cake with fondant decorations in the freezer. You may opt to apply this form of fondant after thawing your cake.

Is cake good after being frozen?

Freezing your cake under the right conditions preserves its freshness. It is also essential to take note of the recommended duration of storage to avoid ingesting a cake that has passed its shelf life.

The back area of your freezer is ideal for cake storage as it is the coldest there. Regulate the opening of the door to keep the temperature steady.

Once all these things are taken into account, your cake will have an even better taste upon thawing. This, however, is restricted to just a few months.

Is it easier to frost a frozen cake?

Most expert and professional bakers will go through the whole baking process first, freeze the cakes once they are cool, then apply the frosting later after thawing. This saves on time and energy spent.

One may also opt to prepare the cake and proceed with every aspect of frosting then freeze it. Later, thawing the cake will require no further process and it is ready to serve.

Seeing as one is unsure of the shelf life of materials that have made the frosting, it may be easier to frost your cake after freezing it so as not to compromise the overall freshness of the cake.

Cream mousse cake with pomegranate

Final Thoughts

You may need to save time on the actual day of an event and pre-bake the cake. This cake will need to be kept in storage to make it to the event day.

It has also been said that freezing your decorated cake for the short term helps the cake increase in moisture, thus becoming more delicious.

A decorated cake's shelf life inside the freezer will be greatly determined by the nature of your cake wrapping and the temperature of the cake. If properly stored, your cake may have an extended shelf life of up to three months!

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