How Long Does A Chest Freezer Last?

Chest freezers have become an essential part of many homes and businesses across the world. It helps in keeping goods fresh longer, decreasing food waste, and increasing savings. That’s why conscientiously investing in a good chest freezer is probably one of the major decisions you’ll ever make. The latest models today will provide you quality freezing for long periods. But exactly how long would those serve you, and what are the things should you consider? We researched them and provided you with the answers. 

Chest freezers have a life expectancy of 12 to 20 years, making them one of the most enduring home appliances you could ever get. However, not all types of chest freezers can last this long as factors like maintenance, environment, and usage can negatively impact the chest freezers. 

This length of time can sometimes play against you. Why? Because only when a long time passed will you notice that your chest freezer is failing when it's no longer working properly as it should. Continue reading to learn how you can keep your freezers work better, longer.


A man's hand holding some frozen goods inside a ziplock bag from a chest freezer, How Long Does A Chest Freezer Last?

How do I know if my chest freezer is going bad?

Chest freezers are like most home appliances and devices. The more heavily you use it, the shorter is its life expectancy. And the less often it is operating, the longer it will serve its purpose.

When a considerable time has passed, though, you’ll notice that your chest freezer may start to malfunction and no longer do its job. It’s one of the few clear signs that your freezer is going bad. However, there are more obvious signs that you can check to diagnose the condition of your chest freezer. Let's look at the reasons in detail below.

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Ice is building up in your chest freezer

A clear indication that your chest freezer is getting worse is when pure ice forms on the inside surface of the freezer. This is the result of the chest freezer’s temperature regulator being out of control due to old age. 

But this can also be caused by the need for gasket replacement. You can check if this is the case through the “dollar bill test.” Just stick a dollar bill into it while closing the chest freezer. Once closed, pull the bill slowly. If it slips smoothly, you may need a technician to change the gasket. Now, if that component has been replaced and frost still builds up, then your chest freezer is nearing the end of its life. 

Your food spoils fast

Faulty or old chest freezers can make your foods go bad earlier than their expiration date. Plus, dairy-based products such as ice cream may melt or stay soft even when left in the freezer overnight.

The temperature fluctuates more frequently when chest freezers are past a certain point. The result? The chest freezer can take a long time to reach the freezing state of most foods in the freezer. When this happens, the chest freezer indiscriminately uses up more energy to reach the freezing state. Thus, you will end up receiving a higher electricity bill.

The chest freezer sweats

Another sign that can tip you off of the deteriorating condition of your chest freezer is the build-up of condensation. This phenomenon is normal in all types of freezing equipment. However, when it becomes too excessive, that’s where the problem starts showing. Molds can start to form in the freezer, which can contaminate your stored foods. In addition, the excess condensation can overfill the condensation pan that can result in water leaking out from the freezer. 

Excessive heat from the motor

Generally, the backs of chest freezers and refrigerators feel warm. The issue arises when it becomes intolerably hot. This is the result of the freezer motor generating more heat than necessary due to the increased and indiscriminate power consumption. 

We suggest that you become more vigilant because this makes your chest freezer prone to overheating that might cause more accidents. Calling in a professional technician will be your best choice to solve the issue. 

Your chest freezer is over the 10-year mark

Whether you like it or not, chest freezers are bound to malfunction, especially if it has been servicing you for more than 10 years already. Sure, some chest freezers can still work up to 20 years, but you’ll be on the losing end as the frequency of maintenance and repair skyrockets. 

So, if you start to notice more frequent occurrence of the preceding signs, start remembering the date you bought the chest freezer. Chances are, you might have been using your chest freezer longer than you think. 

When should I replace my chest freezer?

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Keeping the indications above in mind, you should consider replacing your chest freezer when it turns 8 years old. A consideration to take note of when thinking of replacing this home appliance is the amount of money you will be shelling out on repair and maintenance work. If you're frequently calling your technician, then it might be time to let go of your old chest freezer. 

In addition, there are more things to consider when thinking of replacing your chest freezer when the time is ripe:

Energy Efficiency 

As your chest freezer ages, the electricity used to power itself increases. An older chest freezer can consume 100 percent higher energy as compared to when it was newly bought. That’s going to equate to a considerable hit on your budget. 

Choosing to buy a newer model will not only help lower your electricity bill but also save a few bucks for other expenses, such as your insurance or water bills.

Home and family safety

As mentioned before, increased condensation can increase the likelihood of mold overgrowth in the freezer. This can be a catalyst of listeria or salmonella that can be detrimental to your or your family’s health. Because of fluctuating temperatures, these types of bacteria can thrive and contaminate the food you’re feeding your family. 

And you cannot also roll out the possibility of fire from breaking out because of overheating motors. This may result in some worn-out parts sparking a fire or cause electrocution. 

What can I do with an old chest Freezer?

If you have decided to let go of your old freezer, don’t throw it into the trash yet. With a creative imagination, you can repurpose an old chest freezer into a flower bed for your winter pansies to elevate it from the ground and help prevent winter rain from soaking up the plant’s roots. Second, make a mini-tub for your kids or pets out of the chest freezer. Third, turn it into a miniature root cellar for potatoes, carrots, or parsnips. 

Aside from these repurposing ideas, you can also consider donating your old chest freezer. If it's still in adequate working order, there are plenty of nonprofit organizations that will gladly accept such a donation.

In Summary

Freezer in a home for portioned frozen meats and meals, How Long Does A Chest Freezer Last?

Chest freezers are among the home appliances with the longest life expectancies. However, no matter if they’re built to last, they are still bound to deteriorate as time progresses. Conducting a regular maintenance check helps monitor its condition and determines if it's up for repair or replacement to avoid long-term extra costs. 

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