How Long Can You Keep Cake Mixes In The Freezer?

Baking cakes is a fun way to share some sweetness in life. If you are making cakes as a hobby or a business, as much as possible, you want to use enough cake mix in your recipes. If there are leftovers, you also want to use them for your future cake recipes. If you are running out of time to bake for a party or a gathering, we've consulted the experts to help you with ideas on how a stash of mixed cake batter can save you time.

The length of storage time in the freezer depends on what type of cake mix you freeze. This differs whether you are freezing a dry cake mix or a wet cake batter. For dry cake mixes, storing them will last until the best-used-by date. For cake batters, you can keep them in the freezer for up to three months. But these would also vary depending on the ingredients used in the cake mix. Proper storage of the cake mix is key to keep it fresh for baking.

If you plan to do several batches of cakes and other pastries, you can store any leftover cake mix in the freezer. But there are certain tips to remember to still achieve the taste and texture of your cake. Read along to find out how long should you store your cake mix in the freezer.


Dry cake mix Vs. wet Cake batter

What do you plan to freeze? Is it a powdered cake mix or a cake batter? Each kind has a different freezer shelf-life that could affect the results of your baking.

Freezing Dry Cake Mix

A boxed cake mix is a convenient way for people who want to create cakes in an instant. Getting all the ingredients from scratch is a hassle. You can easily buy a box from a local supermarket. With the dry ingredients ready, you only need to mix them with the wet ingredients like milk, eggs, and water. You could also make your own cake mixes with your choice of ingredients.

It might sound unusual to freeze dry or powder cake mix. A powder cake mix is usually stored in a plastic bag if you bought a box of commercially sold cake mix. For some who mix their own dry ingredients, they store it in a closed and airtight container. These are usually stored in a cool and dry place in the pantry. If you want to freeze it, you just need to put the leftover cake mix in a resealable plastic freezer bag. Make sure that it is also tight to prevent any moisture to go inside.

Use your dry cake mix before the best-used-by date. Best-used-by dates range from 6 months to 1 year from production. Dry cake mixes can last up to 4-5 months after the best-used-by date. If you go beyond that, the baking powder and other leavening ingredients may lose their power. The same goes for homemade cake mixes. By freezing, you cannot lengthen the life of the cake mix. Be sure to use the frozen cake mix before the date shown on the box.

Freezing Cake Batter

Some also prefer to make cake batters from scratch. You can have more freedom in choosing your ingredients for your cake. You can easily pour all ingredients you need into a bowl and let the mixer do the mixing. It is also frustrating to see that there is leftover cake batter but you have no plans to use it in the next few days.

Cake batters are not made equal. Some leavened batters include ingredients like whipped egg whites that can spoil or make your cake not go as planned. You can freeze batters that use oil as the fat such as quick bread batters or creaming method cake batters. These can last in the freezer for up to three months.

Take note that freezing is not only the key to prolong the shelf-life but also the way you store the cake batter. Here are some tips if you can do it to freeze your cake batter for a longer time:

1. You can use an ice cream scoop or kitchen disher to freeze batter in small portions.

2. Make use of a loaf or layer cake pans to store enough batter.

3. Store batter in small, reusable, and freezer-safe containers. Always leave a half-inch to allow the batter to expand when thawing.

3. Use zip-top freezer bags if you plan to store a large portion of cake batter. Remove all the air and flatten it out.

4. Defrost the batter a night before using the batter in the refrigerator. Stir the batter before placing it into cake pans.

How long does cake mix last in the fridge?

For dry cake mix, it can last until the best-used-by date indicated in the box. For a homemade powdered cake mix, it can last until the earliest expiration date of your ingredients. Check ingredients like baking soda or powder to check if these go flat. This will not make your cake rise when you bake.

You can check out if your baking powder still works.

For the cake batter, it can last up to three months in the freezer if following proper storage tips. Ingredients like milk or eggs may cause your cake batter not to freeze well. You need to defrost the cake batter before using it for baking.

How do you store a dry cake mix?

If you want to maintain the shelf-life of a dry cake mix, the best way to store it is to keep it in an unopened box in the pantry. Keep this away from any heat or humidity. For leftover cake mix, you can still use this for future recipes by storing it in an airtight container. Add tags to write the expiration date of the mix.

For homemade cake mixes, the earliest expiry date of the ingredients is also the expiration date of the mix. If the baking powder you used will expire in 3 months, that will also be the date to best use the cake mix.

How do you store leftover cake batter?

Raw chocolate cake batter surrounded by eggs, sugar, chocolate and sprinkles. Shot from above with a natural rustic color and texture in horizontal orientation, How Long Can You Keep Cake Mixes In The Freezer?

Freezing is the best way to store leftover cake batter. You can transfer the cake batter to wrappers on a cupcake pan. Let it freeze and set for 24 hours. If the batter is set, transfer into zip-top bags for freezing again. The batter can stay in the freezer for up to three months.

If you have no cupcake wrappers or something similar, you can put any leftover cake batter on a mixing bowl. You need to cover the bowl with plastic cling wrap. If you want to store the batter longer, you can put it in a freezer zip-top bag. You need to defrost or thaw the frozen cake batter before using it.

You can be creative in making use of your leftover cake batter.

Can I use Betty Crocker cake mix after expiration date?

According to Betty Crocker, you can still use an unopened cake mix after the best-by-date. Even so, the results will not be satisfactory as some ingredients might lose their potency. Take note that this is for an unopened box of cake mix. You can use the cake mix for other recipes but not specifically for baking a cake.

For an opened cake mix, the dates are of no use. Betty Crocker suggests using the rule of 4's when storing leftover cake mixes. Store the item for FOUR days at a temperature of 4°Celsius or 40°Fahrenheit. Throw away any item that is older than four days.

If you do not want to risk your health, it is better to throw expired cake mixes. Throw the contents of the bag away immediately to avoid other people using it.

Do Duncan Hines cake mixes expire?

The boxes of cake mix sold by Duncan Hines have "best-used-by" dates instead of expiration dates. Duncan Hines does not recommend using the cake mix after its best-used-by date. The company cannot ensure the quality of the product when used past the date indicated in the box. It is not a guarantee that the quality of the cake will turn out well. The texture and taste of your cake will significantly change.

If you plan to store boxed cake mixes for a longer time, it is best to use them before the dates printed on the box. This is to avoid any health issues that may arise after using an expired cake mix. Do not hesitate to throw away a box of cake mix to be safe.

Final Thoughts

Yes, you can store cake mixes in the freezer. The length of time kept in the freezer will differ for dry cake mixes and wet cake batters. Observe the proper storage of the cake mixes to avoid any spoilage or wastage. Keep in mind the expiry dates of the ingredients to still get the taste and texture of the cake. Do not risk your health for leftover cake mixes past their best-used-by dates or a has a clear sign of spoilage.

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