How Heavy Is A Chest Freezer? [With 11 Examples Of Popular Models!]

Before you buy an appliance, you'll need to have an idea of where it will be located in your home. The size of your home, in most cases, will determine what size of appliance to purchase. Chest freezers come in different sizes but are a standard box-like shape. Whether you are transporting the appliance from one house to another, or from one floor to another, you might want to consider its weight. In this post, we'll discuss how heavy chest freezers are. We've inquired from experts involved in manufacturing and transporting chest freezers, and here's what we found out.

Chest freezers weigh approximately 95.46 lbs on average. The smallest chest freezer could weigh more or less 50.7 lbs. While the largest chest freezer could weigh more than 219 lbs. The weight of a chest freezer is not always determined by its capacity in liters or cubic feet.

Read further as we give you a breakdown of the weight of chest freezers according to the model or brand. We've also included how the capacity reflects on how much the chest freezer will weigh.


A black colored chest freezer, How Heavy Is A Chest Freezer? [With 11 Examples Of Popular Models!]

Weight of 11 popular chest freezer models

The weight of a chest freezer and the capacity go hand in hand. The chest freezers featured here are very popular in many homes. The width and length could differ, but the height is standard. These dimensions do not in any manner tamper or alter the weight of the chest freezer. The following are a few examples of popular chest freezer brands.

Kelvinator Commercial KCCF210WH

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This brand manufactures commercial chest freezers mostly. The Kelvinator 240 lbs commercial chest freezer has a capacity of 21 cubic feet. This massive chest freezer is perfect for restaurants, hotels, and stores. It has a solid lid door that can double as countertop working space.

RCA FRF472 Chest Freezer

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Ideal for meat storage in large quantities, the RCA chest freezer has a storage capacity of 7.1 cubic feet. The 87 lbs deep freezer has temperatures as low as -18 degrees. The door is reversible and consumes not more than 205 kilowatts a year.

Danby DCF055A2WDB-3 5.5 Cu.Ft. Garage Ready Chest Freezer

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This popular brand has medium-sized chest freezers. The 80.7 lbs Danby chest freezer is ideal for your garage, although it can also be placed in the house. The capacity of this freezer is 5.5 cubic feet (155.7 liters) which is enough for a standard family of 4 persons.

gE White Chest Freezer

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The GE chest freezers come in much bigger sizes. This particular GE chest freezer model weighs 75 lbs with a capacity of 7.0 cubic feet. The weight mentioned is of an empty appliance.

Midea MRC070S0AWW Chest Freezer

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This popular brand of chest freezers has several sizes available in the market. Like other models, this particular Midea chest freezer has a capacity of 7.0 cubic feet. It weighs a little over 74 lbs when empty. It has an energy consumption of 250 kilowatt-hours per year.

Galanz GLF70CWED01 Manual Defrost Chest Freezer

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Galanz chest freezers are compact and durable. A Galanz 7.0 cubic feet chest freezer weighs about 70.6 lbs (32 kg).

frigidaire Freestanding Chest Counter Depth Freezer

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This popular Frigidaire chest freezer weighs 61.7 lbs when empty. It has a capacity of only 5 cubic feet, but it's an excellent countertop chest freezer. It usually comes in a standard white color.

Koolatron KTCF195 Compact Top-Opening Chest Freezer

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Koolatron Chest freezers are very compact. This best-seller Koolatron Compact 7 cubic feet chest freezer weighs just 60.9 lbs. This mini chest freezer fits perfectly in small kitchens, minimalist apartments, and offices.

sMETA Chest Freezer 5 Cu.Ft.

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The SMETA is a new chest freezer brand that has gained a lot of popularity recently. The 5 cubic feet chest freezer weighs 62 lbs. This easy-to-clean, energy-saving chest freezer keeps food fresh with its easy-to-adjust temperatures. It's ideal for homes with little space.

soukoo Chest Freezer With Removable Wire Basket Organizer

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The freestanding 5.0 cubic feet chest freezer is very popular in homes, offices, and stores. When empty, the Soukoo deep freezer weighs 57.6 lbs. This energy-saving model has a quick freeze mode and 3 baskets for organizing.

northair Chest Freezer with 2 Removable Baskets 

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The Northair brand of chest freezers has a very compact model with a capacity of 3.5 cubic feet (99.1 liters) and weighs just 50.7 lbs. This chest freezer comes in black and white colors. The silent compact freezer has two freezer baskets and 7 temperature adjustments. It fits snugly in limited spaces and consumes little energy.

How much does an empty chest freezer weigh?

The average weight of an empty chest freezer should be about 107.44 lbs. How much a chest freezer weighs is not usually determined by its capacity. Chest freezers will certainly weigh more when loaded with food.

How big should a chest freezer be?

You should choose a chest freezer according to the number of people who are in your home. It is pointless to have a huge chest freezer, and it's constantly empty. When a chest freezer is empty, it isn't cost-efficient and energy-saving.

Manufacturers advise purchasing a chest freezer with the following rule of thumb, 1.5 cubic feet (42.5 liters) per person. A cubic foot (28.3 liters) should hold 35 lbs (15.8 kg) of food. Alternatively, multiply 2.5 cubic feet (70.7 liters) by the number of adults (mostly) in the family. This will give you a very accurate estimate of the capacity of your chest freezer.

How much does a 7.0 chest freezer weigh?

A 7.0 cubic feet chest freezer has an average weight of about 75 lbs. Some models weigh a little bit more and some a bit less. The dimensions may differ, and this might affect the weight of the chest freezer to some degree.

can you move a deep freezer with food in it?

Yes and no. It depends on the distance. If you are moving for short distances, you can leave the food in the freezer. The food will be okay for up to 4 hours. Another point to note is that if your deep freezer doesn't have a lot of ice buildup, you can move it safely.

In case you are moving your deep freezer for long distances, ensure that you empty it. To be on the safe side, empty and defrost your deep freezer before moving it for long hours.

Note: If your freezer has been tilted for some hours (say a day) during transportation, keep it upright for the same amount of time before plugging it in.

how do you move a chest freezer by yourself?

Moving your chest freezer by yourself can be a breeze when you do it right. To do this efficiently, you'll need to follow these simple steps, regardless of the size of your chest freezer:

  • Have your packaging and moving supplies at hand - Remember you are doing this by yourself, so be equipped like professional movers. You must have a dolly with straps, furniture sliders, locks, moving blankets, wrapping paper, packing tape, and someone to help you.
  • Empty your freezer of any food items - Assuming you are moving to another part of the country, no food should be in the freezer. Look for iceboxes to put the food emptied from the freezer. Better still, ensure that you shop less for your freezer before moving houses.
  • Defrost, clean, and dry the freezer - It can take up to 24 hours to defrost your freezer, therefore plan ahead. Once the freezer has defrosted, clean it thoroughly and dry it. A clean freezer will save you time when you move into your new place.
  • Pack and lock the freezer - Before you start moving the chest freezer, ensure that it's locked. If your freezer doesn't have a pre-installed lock, install a freezer lock to keep your freezer door from being opened unnecessarily. Wrap your freezer with a moving blanket. This will help avoid scratches and broken freezer doors whilst moving your appliance.
  • Mount and wheel out the freezer on a dolly - Finally, mount the wrapped freezer onto a dolly, strap it, wheel it, and load it onto the waiting moving truck. You'll need an extra pair of hands at this point. Remember to keep the freezer upright throughout the move to prevent damaging the cooling system.

Parting Thoughts

Chest freezers vary in weight due to their dimensions and capacity. The dimensions also matter because you must understand where you will place your chest freezer. Before making a purchase, ensure that you keenly measure the available space beforehand. Be very careful when moving appliances around. Engage professional assistance if you aren't sure that you can handle it.

Freezers are generally a long-time investment, therefore don't overlook any aspects. Have a clear knowledge of the number of people using it for a proper estimate of its capacity, and in turn, the size of the available space in your home.

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