How To Defrost HelloFresh Chicken In Bag

Since we can't all live on farms, we tend to get frozen chicken from stores, supermarkets, and food delivery services like HelloFresh. But how can you safely defrost chicken in bags? We have extensively researched ways to defrost HelloFresh chicken in bags for your convenience.

You can defrost HelloFresh chicken in a bag safely by:

  • Leaving it in the fridge to thaw
  • Putting the chicken in a bowl of cold water
  • Using a microwave

Some of these methods are faster, while others are slower. Continue reading to see which ones suit your schedule and what never to do when thawing chicken.


Adding spices in a chicken, How To Defrost Hellofresh Chicken In Bag

Thawing HelloFresh Chicken In Bags

Chicken is a lean meat that makes some of the most delicious meals. Like other chicken brands, HelloFresh chicken is packed in freezer-safe bags. With this in mind, you can pop it in the freezer to defrost later.

Thawing In The Fridge

To properly thaw chicken, remove it from the freezer and put it in the fridge. It's best to leave the chicken in its bags, but put it in a bowl. The bowl will help catch any liquids as the meat thaws.

Sealed chicken in ziploc bags

When you thaw chicken in the fridge, it takes longer. Therefore, it's best to place it in the refrigerator to thaw overnight if you want to cook it the following day.

Use Cold Water

Place frozen chicken to thaw in a bowl of cold water. It sounds strange, but the chicken thaws faster and more evenly in cold water.

Change the cold water often until the chicken thaws completely. Leave the chicken in its bag to avoid it soaking in more water. Use another bowl to keep the chicken fully immersed in the cold water.


You can use a microwave to defrost chicken quickly. Put the frozen chicken in a microwave-safe bowl and press the thaw or defrost button on your microwave. For even defrosting, thaw the chicken while in the bag.

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Set the timer to one minute, then start the microwave. Thaw in 30-second increments while flipping the chicken over to thaw it evenly. Ensure you thaw the chicken thoroughly, especially in the middle.

Cook the chicken immediately to avoid bacteria growth. Never refreeze microwave-defrosted raw chicken, but you can refreeze well-cooked chicken.

How Much Time Does HelloFresh Chicken Take To Thaw?

If you want thoroughly thawed chicken in the refrigerator, allow 24 hours for one to five pounds of chicken. It takes a long time, so plan your meals to avoid eating raw or half-cooked meat.

Defrosting chicken on a stainless bowl with water

If the chicken bag is ripped, you can use additional bags when thawing chicken in a cold bath. Food-safe bags weighing one pound will thaw within an hour. Bags weighing three to four pounds will take two to three hours.

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Chicken takes not more than two minutes to thaw in a microwave. However, don't use microwaves to thaw a whole chicken; you risk having the chicken half thawed and frozen, especially the bones.

Where To Defrost Chicken?

Keep chicken in the bottom drawer in the fridge. The bottom drawer is cool enough but not too cold. It'll allow the chicken to stay cold and safe until you cook it.

Check the refrigerator's settings to allow the chicken to thaw faster. Moreover, you don't want all the chicken juices dripping and sticking to other food.

Can You Freeze Cooked HelloFresh Chicken?

Absolutely! Although it is hard to believe you'll have some leftover cooked chicken from your meal, if you do, you can easily store it using the standard FDA guidelines.

If you want to eat the food in a few hours, you can store it in the fridge. Use the freezer for a longer storage time. Be sure to use the proper storage container.

To see how long lean meats can last in the freezer, read this post: How Long Will A Turkey Breast Last In The Freezer?

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Can You Freeze HelloFresh Prepped Chicken?

Hellofresh chicken comes raw with a kit for meal preparation. They are planned to suit your preferences, but you have to cook the meals yourself.

After a day of hard work, you might be unable to cook your meal even after you have prepped it. Prep the chicken according to your meal card, and put it in a food-safe glass or plastic container.

Putting chicken in a pot filled with water to defrost it faster

Does HelloFresh Chicken Come frozen?

No, it doesn't! The HelloFresh chicken comes in a styrofoam insulated cooler box that keeps it cold but not frozen. Ice packs are packed around it, and the chicken is in a vacuum-sealed bag.

However, you can put the chicken in the freezer while in the vacuum-sealed bag. If you are worried the bag might be ripped or torn, add another heavy-duty freezer bag. The multiple packaging will protect the chicken from freezer burn during long-term storage.

Can You Defrost Chicken On The Kitchen Counter?

Up close photo of defrosting chicken

The answer is a resounding no! Though it seems the quickest and most efficient way to thaw chicken, this invites trouble. According to the US Department of Agriculture's Food Safety and Inspection Service, raw poultry must be stored at a safe temperature.

When meats reach 40 degrees Fahrenheit and above, the bacteria present on them before freezing will start multiplying. When left on the kitchen counter, the chicken won't thaw through to the core. Furthermore, do not be tempted to quicken the process using hot or warm water for the same reasons.

How To Cook HelloFresh Chicken

The HelloFresh meal kits are packed according to the customers' likes and preferences. They are balanced meals and come with meal cards with suggestions for preparation.

You could air fry, steam, or roast your chicken in the oven. Preparing the HelloFresh chicken is very easy, as it comes with the exact ingredients for the recipes suggested in the meal kit.

If this sounds interesting and intriguing, find out more in another post: Can You Cook Frozen Chicken In An Air Fryer?

Can You Refreeze Raw Chicken?

Yes, you can. But this only applies if the chicken is thawed correctly. Chicken that has been thawed using the refrigerator or a cold bath can be refrozen.

Defrosting chicken

Unfortunately, the quality of the meat will deteriorate. Poultry can stay refrozen for three to four days but not more. Never refreeze chicken thawed using the microwave or on the kitchen counter.

Wrapping It Up

Adding spices in a chicken

Food preparation is an art and a science all in one. Properly defrosting the frozen chicken to cooking it with the right ingredients and temperature takes a while, but the result is always worth it.

Avoid using shortcuts such as warm after to defrost chicken when pressed for time. The most undesirable thing when handling food is contamination!

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