How To Quickly Defrost A Chest Freezer

Woman hand opening a chest freezer door, How To Quickly Defrost A Chest Freezer

Defrosting is an essential step to ensure that your freezer is optimally maintained and that the food stored inside is still within the prescribed freshness date. It is often one crucial task that can take a big chunk of our…

How To Clean Your Freezer Ice Maker

A woman opens an ice maker tray in the freezer to take ice cubes to cool drinks. How To Clean Your Freezer Ice Maker

Ice brings life to your drinks, especially on a hot summer day. But all these can disappear in an instant when together with your ice, you see something else that’s floating or it gives off a different taste. Regular maintenance cleaning is…

Does Freezing Onion Prevent Crying?

Three onions on wooden table. Does Freezing Onion Prevent Crying

Cooking is an enjoyable activity, except when the recipe requires onions. There is a high tendency that before you finish cutting the onions, you have been reduced to tears. And for some, it can be quite a painful experience. There…

Does Freezing Affect Bleach?

Cleaning products on table close up. Does Freezing Affect Bleach

Bleach is a household constant—from cleaning clothes to disinfecting houses to many things in between. No matter how well you store it, it will naturally degrade over time, even for unopened bottles. One factor that can accelerate its decomposition is temperature.…

How To Freeze Almonds

Almonds nuts on a wooden table. How To Freeze Almonds

Freezing almonds is an excellent way to prolong their shelf life. Storing them in the freezer aids in keeping their good taste and quality, as high temperatures can make the fat content rancid. Also, its low moisture content makes freezing…